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CREATE FURNITURE is headed by Tim Smith, a trained architect, designer and cabinet-maker.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke furniture, hand-made in the workshop. Most commissions are for private residences, but we also take on commercial work.


From a single cabinet to a whole property interior the approach is the same: close communication with the client, careful choice of materials, quality and durable hand-build, and careful and considerate installation and finish.



Tim completed a degree in architecture before spending two years training in Devon under the highly reputed tutorship of David Savage. After a number of years working for some of London's top furniture companies, he founded CREATE FURNITURE in 2008.

The workshop was founded in rural Warwickshire, in a barn that Tim purpose built. The company moved to north London in 2014 to be in closer contact with most of its clients.




1. We are dedicated to quality in both design and workmanship, as a combined discipline..


2. We believe this is best achieved in bespoke, small scale production. As an individual in charge of a small team Tim can give the most personal and honest service to his clients. He is personally in control of all aspects of a project, from meeting the client, through the shared design process, the manufacture and the final delivery and finishing touches.


3. We will communicate closely with our clients, explaining all the choices available in design and materials and finish. Tim is available to answer any question, visit when it suits the client, and work around all their needs and requirements..

The Workshop

CREATE FURNITURE was founded in Warwickshire. Tim built a barn by hand on his parents' farmland, a beautiful site next to a lake.

In 2014 CREATE FURNITURE moved to Tottenham in North London - quite a change of surroundings. The new workshop is very close to the Lee Valley River canal, which runs from Hackney north up to Hereford and beyond, so it feels like there is still a connection to nature. The building is an old clothes hanger factory that has been divided up and houses five  businesses, including an ice-cream maker and a trampoline dealer.

The Team

CREATE FURNITURE benefits from a great team, working on projects in the workshop and then on-site, closely managed by Tim.