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Commissioning - a design that is your own


Our projects are all bespoke, hand-made for you from concept through to production. It is not difficult  to commission furniture, and once you have done, you will not want to buy from a shop again. We will work with you and for you, with the scope of your project limited only by your imagination. Never be afraid to ask, as invariably your vision will be possible. We enjoy a challenge!


Our Services


  • design and manufacture of fitted cabinetry, joinery and stand-alone furniture

  • design advice and consultation on interior spaces

  • management of larger projects (e.g kitchens), including providing other required tradesmen

  • working with architects on builds and renovation projects


The Process


Get in touch - call, email or fill in the form here. After a conversation with you I will produce concept drawings and approximate project costs...all free of charge. I may do a site visit to measure and discuss your project in person.


If you want to proceed, presentation scale drawings will be produced, and project timetable agreed. This is your project and at all times you are free to ask for exactly what you want. Timber, veneer and other paint and material samples and finishes will be examined and discussed. You can come and visit the workshop too, while your project is being built. We will agree a fitting date. My team and myself will be be clean and discrete. We build everything in the workshop beforehand so there is minimal messy work on-site.

Video of workshop life