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In an increasingly ethically-minded world, the woodworking industry is  becoming more conscious of the sourcing of timber and other materials right from their origins.

At CREATE Tim hopes that his clients are interested in how a tree was felled, milled, transported and finally ended up in their house as dining table or chair leg. Tim sources his timber from reputable suppliers, with each shipment bearing FSC/PEFC certificates.

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

As a natural, sustainable resource, timber has huge environmental benefits when managed efficiently. In many forested areas of the world replanting far exceeds harvesting, and timber is seen as a crop which needs to be preserved and protected for many future generations. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. For timber to be certified FSC it has to have a chain of custody back to the forest, be it sourced from a legal and sustainable resource and meet a number of social, and economic requirements. PEFC stands for the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. It lays down the criteria that the national schemes must meet to be endorse.

Our manufacture process

We use a variety of solid hardwood, softwoods, wood veneer and wood extract products in our projects. Materials are carefully selected for their aesthetic within the design concept, their strength properties and cost. In most projects there are a number of options available that will produce different results. We will disuss these choices, so you have plenty of control on the decision making.

We use a variety of manufacture techniques, from traditional to modern, in your furniture. However we approach a process, our priority is on quality of build. Our furniture is well crafted and robust - we intend for it to last for years to come.